Twistedly Addictive Confections

It wasn’t love at first sight. But at first bite? Well, that’s quite another story. Once bitten. Twice and you simply can’t deny. It’s infatuation. Captivation. Emancipation. You’ve been delivered to delirium by the ‘magnificent nugget’. Shame? I think not. Wear those nutty crumbs with pride.

What's your Flavor

Dare to stare! Click for a close up! | Choose with or without chocolate

  • PecanPecan


    Pecan in a peculiarly pleasing package-how peculinary!

  • AlmondAlmond


    A renegade 'all almond' nut obsession.

  • Beer BrittyBeer Britty

    Beer Britty

    Whassup? Stout-hearted peanut brittle, that's 'what'.

  • Jalapeno BeerJalapeno Beer

    Jalapeno Beer

    What's a little heat between friends and beer?


Much Ado About Nutwhats — At Nutwhats our ‘free form’ unadulterated buttery nuggets are hand-crafted using only top-notch measures. Without skimping — fresh, premium ingredients and not a bit of preservatives are the rule. Flavors are magnificently unexpected. Appearance is delightfully quirky. And the taste — unmistakable.